MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — His high school season is done. His college future is very much in front of him.

Minneapolis Southwest running back T.K. Marshall put together a season that helped keep his team competitive.

“For us as a team and for all the younger kids, to see someone put in that much work and then have it pay off with the success of our season this year, and the success that he’s had, and having school paid for, I’m just happy for him,” said coach Josh Zoucha. “He’s known since probably before eighth grade what his dreams and goals were.”

It helped him draw the attention of a big time college football program. Marshall has been obsessed with challenging himself.

“I went around the country doing a lot of camps and going against some of the, you know, five-star recruits. And when I came back to Minneapolis, just going in to seven-on-sevens and going to the games I feel a lot more confident,” Marshall said.

Even though the season ended sooner than the Lakers would have liked.

“When it’s the moment, it doesn’t feel real. Further in time you get, you’re like, ‘Wow that was it,’” Marshall said.

His football career continues with North Dakota State University.

“They didn’t have to be like, ‘Oh, our team’s going to be this great.’ It’s like, ‘We do this every year,’” he said.

And that’s what caught his attention. It’s one thing to have passion for what you do. But Marshall believes so strongly that he cannot fail, that just might be why he succeeds — and that’s the lesson for all of us.

“As soon as you get that mindset that you got this or you’re going to make this, I mean, no matter who’s in your way you’re going to go through it,” Marshall said.

He’s far from cocky.

“I’m also ready to deal with the failure, I mean, because it’s not going to happen like [snaps his finger] that. But I’m ready to see where the develop that they have takes me, how far I can go,” Marshall said.

He lets his work speak for him

“I’m ready to go. I’ll see you in the NFL in about six years,” Marshall said.

Keep an eye on this young man.

“He deserves everything that he gets because of all the work that he’s put in,” Zoucha said.

Norman Seawright III