MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Krispy Kreme has given its blessing to the Minnesota college student who has been driving to Iowa to buy and then re-sell donuts.But the company has some conditions.

Krispy Kreme shut down Jayson Gonzales’s operation a few days ago, citing regulatory compliance and quality standards.

Gonzales had been driving every weekend to buy hundreds of donuts to re-sell in the Twin Cities, where there hasn’t been a Krispy Kreme store in more than a decade.

The company now says it’s making Gonzales an independent operator, adding that it wants to help him achieve his goal of graduating debt-free, in part by selling Krispy Kreme donuts.

The company is going to donate 500 boxes of donuts when he re-starts his business. Gonzales has launched a GoFundMe to get a more suitable vehicle for his donut runs out of state.