MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Earlier this year, Nice Ride rolled out dozens of pedal-assist ebikes in Minneapolis as part of a pilot program. Now, the city’s bike share program wants to add many, many more ebikes to its fleet.

In a press release Wednesday on proposed system changes, Nice Ride said it wants to deploy 2,000 ebikes in April 2020, per the approval of the city.

In July, 50 ebikes were stationed in Minneapolis for Nice Ride users to try. When activated, the ebikes can cruise at a steady speed up to 18 mph, allowing users to take longer trips without risking exhaustion.

Proposed with the ebikes for next year are hybrid locks, including an attached cable lock, that’ll allow riders to leave the bikes in Nice Ride docks as well as regular Minneapolis public bike parking areas.

Additionally, Nice Ride also has plans to invest in 200 “lightweight” parking stations. These lightweight stations will, in many cases, go where the blue “dockless” bike parking spaces are currently.

As for the blue bikes, they aren’t coming back. After Nov. 30, the dockless bike system is being disabled and Nice Ride isn’t planning to roll it out again next year.

The classic green Nice Ride bikes aren’t going anywhere. They’ll be back next year, although service for them this season ends on Nov. 17.