By Erin Hassanzadeh

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – There are hundreds of students at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) creating inspiring pieces of work.

But student Sonia Boyer has an attitude and work ethic that is just as inspiring as her art.

“Coming here I’ve kind of opened up as a person. I’m less nervous. I guess I’m around other artists so its fine,” Boyer said. “Just figuring out where I want everything to go and how it should all line up is probably the hardest part.”

But the way she creates is a little different.

“I draw like a little mosh pit,” Boyer said. “Not only am I small, but I also don’t have arms.”

“She never says I can’t, it’s how,” MCAD professor,” Katherine Turczan says.

“I’m always getting questions, they’re silly questions, like, oh did you do that? Or like how did you do this?” Boyer says.

Sonia uses a tablet to create her digital designs that range from playful and vibrant to serious and emotional.

“This is my work in progress for my final,” said Sonia.

She just started dabbling in photography.

“And she’s been making these self portraits that are really kind of incredible,” explained Katherine.

Making her process part of the final product.

“I’ve acquired the longer chord to push the release cable, and so I’ve been taking self portraits now,” said Sonia.

And hoping her own fearlessness rubs off on others.

“I think that maybe it strengthens all of us around her,” Katherine said.

“You’ll figure it out, I figured it out, so it’s going to be fine,” said Sonia.

“We all have limitations, so how do we get around our limitations,” said Katherine.

“As long as I can inspire people to do what they want to, and that its going to be okay, if you just push through it no matter how tricky, it’ll be fine,” said Sonia. “Go for it.”

Sonia hopes to become a tattoo artist. You can follow her on Instagram at the link.

Erin Hassanzadeh