MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Remember grape salad? Remember the egg the New York Times had all over their face when they declared that delicacy, which does not actually exist in real life, Minnesota’s most beloved, most cherished, and most ancient Thanksgiving recipe?

Apparently home design website House Method didn’t take note of what happens when you get Minnesota’s Thanksgiving dishes right.

The site shared two maps, showing the most popular savory and sweet Thanksgiving dishes in every state.

Alright, what they actually did was share the “most-searched” Thanksgiving dishes for each state, but the implications certainly suggest that they’re meant to somehow represent each state on a larger sense.

So what did Minnesota get for savory? Green bean casserole? Scalloped potatoes? Heck, even just plain old roasted turkey? No, Minnesotans in the opening stages of stick-to-your-ribs food items are apparently all about salad for Thanksgiving.

And for our favorite sweet dish on turkey day? It’s got to be pumpkin pie, right? Oh wait, no, we just learned it’s supposed to be coconut cream pie, thanks to a viral image from earlier this month. We should be so lucky for it to actually be pie. Nope, according to House Method, the dessert of choice for Minnesotans on the fourth Thursday of November: brownies.

That’s interesting.