By Kate Raddatz

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) —Three teenagers face charges in violent attacks on a Twin Cities light rail train.

According to court documents filed in Ramsey County Juvenile Court, on the night of Dec. 4, a group of seven boys boarded the light rail at the Hamline Avenue Station in St Paul.

Investigators say the group yelled profanities and beat up an innocent man standing in the aisle, punching and kicking him multiple times even after he fell onto the floor.

One of the teenagers body slammed him.

“None of these things are great to read. Not only that, people have to understand we’re talking about people’s lives,” Metro Transit spokesperson Howie Padilla said.

Police say other passengers got involved and told the group to stop. The boys then beat up one of the passengers and stole his cell phone.

Metro Transit Police believe four of the juveniles were also involved in an attack involving a TSA agent on the Blue Line in Minneapolis last month. The Hennepin County Attorney’s Office’s Juvenile Prosecution Division is considering charges against them.

“It’s still pretty rare. But, we know that anybody that this happens to, that’s one person too many,” Padilla said.

Altogether Metro Transit Police have identified six teens involved in the attacks. Court records show three have been charged.

If you witness a crime on a light rail train, you can call 911 or text 612-900-0411.

Kate Raddatz