MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A South St. Paul man has been charged in Dakota County District Court for allegedly stealing packages.

Authorities say 27-year-old Anthony Barber was caught in the act just weeks before Christmas.

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Police were dispatched to a home in South St. Paul on December 13 after reports that a package was stolen from the front doorstep. One suspect was described as wearing dark clothing and a ski mask, while the other was seen in white pants.

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Law enforcement say they were able to get on scene within two minutes, where they observed two males that matched the description of the suspects. When confronted, the two men quickly started walking in separate directions.

The man wearing white pants was carrying a brown box. A police officer asked him where he had gotten the box, and according to a criminal complaint, he replied that, “he did not know,” before handing the package to police.

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That man has now been identified as Barber. Afterwards, police confirmed that the box was the package that had been stolen from the home’s doorstep. It was returned to the residence, where an outline of the package in the snow was still present.