MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – WCCO This Morning headed to Anoka to meet a science teacher who inspires not only his students, but also his substitute teachers.

Chad Boehlke has been selected as an Excellent Educator.

The physical science teacher is very popular at Anoka Middle School. He says science is the best subject.

“You get to do the most things with science, you get to make things fly, you get to make things explode,” Boehlke said.

He’s a fan favorite with the kids and the subs, especially the one who nominated him.

“He has all the attributes of a good teacher,” said substitute Donna Melby. “He’s organized, he dresses nicely, he’s very professional.”

When subbing in his classroom, she says his students also show her the respect that he has taught them.

“They’re very polite, they’re very motivated, and they are respectful,” Melby added. “He has control, he has good classroom management.”

Boehlke says he’s the teacher he is today because of a role model he had early on in life.

“My dad was a teacher so I grew up seeing him in front of kids and going to his classroom after school, seeing what he was doing and how he interacted with the kids,” Boehlke said. “I just love showing up every day because these guys keep me motivated and it’s a lot of fun every day.”

Boehlke dresses up and wears ties to school every day. The ties belong to his dad, who has Alzheimer’s Disease. He says he wears them to honor him.