MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – This local version of a Rachel Platten song is making the rounds online. It’s an ode to a Maple Grove woman who is in the fight of her life.

Now, she’s fighting even harder because of a 3 minute video.

The song is called “Stand by You” and Judy Larson of Maple Grove has a whole army at her side. Her daughter made this video last week, after Judy got word her hip pain is actually Stage 4 ovarian cancer.

“We endured two days of crying and grieving and then we said, we need to make something of this,” Larson said.

And little did she know her daughter was making a video.

“You just need something to hold onto to keep you going and I thought this was quick and tangible for her to watch all the love that’s surrounding her,” Niki DeConcini said.

DeConcini, who lives in Fargo, made the video in three days with the help of Judy’s friends and family in 10 states and on two continents.

“I watch it every day, probably 4 or 5 times a day to get me through and just to know I have those people rooting for me and there so it means a lot,” Larson said. “I’ve had people reach out to me, people I don’t even know, with success stories. I’m a 10 year survivor of Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer and that really means a lot to me.”

It means a lot to the Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance, they shared the video, too. Stefanie Irwin Gliniany works with MOCA.

“When this video went viral, we have had people reach out just how inspirational it was and what a tremendous, positive impact for our whole community and hopeful for hopefully other survivors going through this diagnosis,” Gliniany said.

Judy’s pain is already strengthening others.

“We really want to redefine what a cancer diagnosis is. It doesn’t have to be a death sentence, it can be something that gives you a new perspective on life and an opportunity to pay it forward,” Gliniany said.

Judy just started chemo, she’s hoping with three successful rounds she will be able to have surgery. In the meantime, she is eating plant based and doing yoga. She says she’s trying anything and everything, and she is ready for the fight.


If you are looking for resources regarding ovarian cancer, click here.

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield