MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A new batch of numbers has been released in the Democratic Iowa caucus, and they show Pete Buttigieg retaining a small lead over Sen. Bernie Sanders in delegates.

With 85% of precincts voting, Buttigieg has the equivalent of 508 delegates, to Sanders’ 463. Behind those two, Sen. Elizabeth Warren has 331 delegate equivalents, Joe Biden 302 and Sen. Amy Klobuchar 230.

According to the latest figures, Sanders had 37,999 voters in the final alignment to Buttigieg’s 38,599 — that’s a difference of half a percent.

However, as soon as they were released, Iowa’s Democratic party tweeted they were going to re-release the results with a “minor correction.”

The Iowa Democratic Party is blaming a coding issue in its reporting system app for the delay. It says that the app recorded the data correctly, but was only reporting out partial data.

The major candidates took the stages at their watch parties late Monday evening and began moving on to New Hampshire, which holds the nation’s first primary next week.