MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Pesky potholes are already wreaking havoc on our roads and there’s little relief for a few more weeks. Drivers have reported problem potholes across the metro since the beginning of the year. Reports in Minneapolis tripled in the last month to 424.

“They are ruining people’s cars and just make people go crazy,” driver Francesco Bia said.

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It happens at a different time each year. When the snow melts and reveals crevices waiting for tires to strike.

“It jars every part of your body. This season is probably the worst one I’ve seen in about 10 years,” Scott Edelstein said.

Right now, potholes can’t be avoided in Minnesota.

“We just need someone to come fix them,” Ann Maleson said.

WCCO has been told if crews aren’t plowing, they’re patching.

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A cold patch is a temporary fix. Officials tell us it could last a few hours or a few weeks. It all depends on the weather.

St. Paul officials say it’s sometime later in March before they can open their asphalt plant to start the hot mix. That’s the repair that sticks and makes a difference in your drive. They provide the mix to about 100 cities across the state, including Minneapolis.

Until then, the cold patch puts a Band-Aid on road blemishes across the Twin Cities. The recipe for more is ripe with a freeze and thaw.

“No blame, no shame. Just please take care of it,” Edelstein said.

There’s a way to report a pothole in St. Paul; it’s found on the city website. You can also call 651-266-9700 or email potholes@ci.stpaul.mn.us. In St. Paul, you’re encouraged to file a claim for pothole damage. Once you go to the website, you’ll have to print out a Notice of Claim form and then mail it to the city clerk.

Potholes in Minneapolis can be reported online.  For damage, you can file a claim in Minneapolis. Call 612-673-2969 or print out a claim form and return it to the risk management, claims office.

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The state asks you to report potholes online.  If there’s damage to your car, click here for next steps.

Jennifer Mayerle