MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A simple donation can boost a women’s self-worth and confidence. The Tubman Center in Minneapolis is leading the charge and they need your help.

It’s sometimes what’s inside that can make the biggest difference. It’s a place named for a woman who led people to freedom. And the Tubman Center is where Latonya Wilson found that freedom, “I feel so much better, so much stronger.”

Latonya is a client at the Tubman Center, and she’s an abuse survivor, “He broke in my house, raped me, and he just stalked me for like three years, he made my life hell.”

The young mother was able to escape her abuser in Chicago by hopping a bus to Minnesota, “I remember when I left and I couldn’t afford a bra, bras are expensive.”

She found what she needed here, at Tubman’s closet. It’s a free boutique where bras fly off the shelves, “I was shocked to find a free bra that could fit me. At Tubman, I’ve had a hard time finding a perfect fitting bra.”

Alison M. Hobson works at the Tubman Center, “We help people overcome those barriers and it can be just as simple as a bra, clothing to know I can feel confident when I get up in the morning.”

“When you don’t have a bra, you don’t feel comfortable because you know people can tell you don’t have a bra on. It makes you feel more comfortable and you feel feminine,” Wilson says.

So Tubman’s Closet is hosting a bra drive asking metro women for donations, new or gently used, all sizes.

If you are someone you know is in crisis, the Crisis Line is 612-825-3333.

The Tubman Centers in Minneapolis and Maplewood are taking donations.

Tubman’s Closet is also low on purses, jewelry and shoes.

There are various drop off locations for the Tubman Center Bra Drive.

Here are three:

Harriet Tubman Center East
1725 Monastery Way
Tubman Chrysalis Center
4432 Chicago Avenue South
Harriet Tubman Center West
3111 First Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN
4388 France Ave. S.
Edina, MN 55410
Rolayne’s Hair Design (accepting through February 29th)
408 Cedar Lake Rd S
Minneapolis, MN 55405

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield