MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Daisy Richards, 12, has been through a lot.

“You would never guess by looking at her what’s going on inside,” Daisy’s mom, Brittany, said.

She was born with a potentially life-threatening disorder that’s required surgeries and removing her large intestine.

At one point she had thousands of polyps.

“In her digestive tract polyps grow and that’s where [cancer] tumors can grow throughout her body,” Brittany Richards said.

But Wednesday was all about fun.

She was on a scavenger hunt at the Mall of America, thinking she was just part of a Make-A-Wish video.

“She thinks she’s helping us with a training video,” Make-A-Wish MN CEO Mia Hoagberg said. “We wanted to make it really fun.”

But Daisy is the star, and all of the clues are leading to a last stop at Sea Life.

Daisy is a dolphin lover. Her wish: to hang with the dolphins at Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. Her wish was granted with a big surprise at the end of the scavenger hunt.

“I’m speechless,” Daisy said. “I’m extremely surprised.”

“I don’t even know what to say,” Brittany said. “It’s a special moment.”

Make-A-Wish MN is partnering with Thrifty Traveler to try to raise at least 2 million frequent flyer miles to give to children with critical illnesses. Click here to learn more.

Kate Raddatz