By Mike Augustyniak

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Sunday, March 1 marks the beginning of meteorological spring, and fittingly enough temperatures are in the high-40s.

In fact, The National Weather Service says Minnesota hit 50 degrees in the Twin Cities, making it the warmest it has been since Oct. 26, 2019.

So, is this a sign of spring-like weather is going to be the norm?

In the short-term at least, yes!

This week, we’ll see temperatures mostly in the 40s and a lot of sun. On Saturday, we could even see temps hit 50 degrees.

As for further out in the forecast, meteorologist Mike Augustyniak says he doesn’t see any signs of more cold air.

“In fact, I think temperatures will maintain at or over-average status,” he said. “In terms of snow status, there’s nothing in the short-term.”

Watch Augustyniak’s weather report above for the latest.

Mike Augustyniak