MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Over the last week, WCCO polled Facebook and Twitter users to get a temperature read on what voters were focusing on, before 14 states hit the polls for Super Tuesday.

(Caveat: These are unscientific polls and the results are presented only as a means of gauging the general mood among potential voters.)

Primary Considerations

When asked what their prime consideration is when voting in a primary, 28% voted for electability and 72% voted for alignment with values.

“The issue here is that going with someone who is electable could go against your values,” Julio Herrera said on Facebook.

Tone In Politics

WCCO then asked who viewers hold most accountable for the tone of politics today. When given a choice between the president, U.S. Congress, news media, and Facebook or Twitter, 46% of people voted for the president, 39% voted for news media and the remainder of the votes went to the other options.

“The power that controls the media is getting the tone that they want. We need to figure out what that power is and eliminate it,” @northmn said on Twitter.

Apprehensive About Declaring Party Affiliation?

In all, 63% of viewers said that selecting a party in the primary does not make them apprehensive. However, some people were worried about their privacy.

“I will not vote in a primary until my vote is private. I don’t need any party calling and mailing me 24-7 because I voted for one of their candidates one time,” Jeff Smith said.

Top 2020 Campaign Issues

When asked what their top issue this election year, 40% of viewers said their top concern is health care, compared to the economy, climate and other issues which included education and gun reform.

“Everyone’s should be climate. None of the rest matters if the planet is uninhabitable,” @blogtownbycjg said.

Are You Better Off?

About 53% of Facebook and Twitter responders said they were better off today than they were four years ago.

Check in tonight as results come in from Super Tuesday.