MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — As many of us struggle with all of the changes the outbreak is adding to our daily lives, it’s comforting to see people stepping up to fill a need.

Minneapolis Public Schools rolled out help for parents and students after Gov. Walz declared an executive order to close schools across the state.

“Today we are serving the sunrise sandwiches, which is jelly and sun butter,” food service coordinator Anytrea Baker said.

Students will receive food for breakfast and lunch, as well as a meal for dinner donated by the Sheraton store.

This helping-hand is needed by parents who are trying to keep their kids healthy and on top of their studies while schools are closed.

“It’s helping huge because I am low income so anything helps and this I’m glad the school district put something in place because I know I’m not the only mom or dad out here that is struggling, it’s huge,” Jillian Stringfellow said.

For Stringfellow, it’s “one stop shopping.” Not only is she getting food for her son Jordan, she’s also getting packets with grade-specific homework and school supplies.

“That is going to keep us busy for quite some time,” Stringfellow said.

In times like these, Baker thinks we need to concentrate on keeping our bodies healthy.

“Anybody can run out to McDonalds or whatever in a time of crisis, we really need to focus on our health and eating healthy that way the kids will fight off this yucky stuff,” Baker said.

Parents don’t even have to get out of their cars to get resources from Minneapolis Public Schools.

It’s a beacon of hope in these times of uncertainty.

Reg Chapman