By Reg Chapman

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Childbirth is one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life, but in the era of COVID-19 it can be scary.

For some mother’s the uncertainly of things has more worried.

“You are supposed to feel a sense of calm right before you have your baby and I don’t feel that,” Tara Vinge said.

Vinge is concerned about bringing a baby into a world where COVID-19 exists.

“I was due last Saturday,” Vinge said. “My daughter has quarantined herself.”

Her concern lies with the uncertainty of the virus and how many people don’t know if they are infected.

“All the talk about the virus being asymptomatic is really scary because we don’t know if we have it and so we can’t get a test, going in the hospital to give birth to a soul that has a zero immune system its nerve-wracking,” Vinge explained.

“There is not the capability currently to do universal testing for all patients, so if a mom is in the hospital  and she either has symptoms of COVID-19 or potentially has a known exposure to COVID-19 they would be people who would maybe get testing,” Dr. Sarah Cross said.

Dr. Sarah Cross is Director of Birth Place Facility at M Health Fairview and she is also 8 months pregnant.

She says the data is promising that a baby cannot contract COVID-19 from her mother during birth.

“It is currently thought that the highest chance to get the virus is exposure to the mom after the delivery,” Dr. Cross explained.

That’s why hospitals are limiting the number of people in the delivery room to just one.

Doctor Cross says limiting the amount of people who see your newborn is important to their and your safety.

Vinge has taken every precaution to keep her and her new baby girl safe from COVID-19.

“I’m in quarantine,” Vinge said. “I’m on day 11 just staying in the house, not going anywhere, my husband goes out to grab stuff, hand sanitizer washing our hands a lot, basically staying away from people.”

Dr. Cross says she can continue to keep safe by using social media platforms to introduce your new bundle of joy to family and friends.

Reg Chapman