MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — While the Minnesota Zoo is temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, staff decided to let some of the animals – who are originally from opposite sides of the globe – meet each other.

In a video shared on their Facebook page, Zookeeper Jessica and Zookeeper Dan introduced a tamandua named Cricket to a group of African penguins. Tamanduas, or lesser anteaters, originate in South America.

“A huge part of our animal’s care on a day-to-day basis is enrichment,” said Jessica. “What that means is that we want to make sure that they are stimulated both physically and mentally.”

Apart from sharing tidbits about the zoo’s animals, keepers are also showing how the animals get trained.

In one video, zookeepers train an Alaskan brown bear using the “husbandry training” method.

You can find more videos of the animals at the Minnesota Zoo here.