MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison’s mother has died from coronavirus (COVID-19) complications.

In a New York Times op-ed piece posted Wednesday, Minneapolis city council member Jeremiah Ellison — the attorney general’s son — wrote that he learned last week that his grandmother, Clida Ellison, tested positive for the virus.

She died in Michigan on March 26 at 82 years old. Her funeral was held in Detroit.

“I learned that Nana had tested positive for the coronavirus, and knowing that makes me angrier — as though she didn’t truly pass but was snatched from us,” he wrote.

In an interview with Esme Murphy on Sunday, April 5, Keith Ellison talked about his mother’s legacy.

“My mother taught us to be strong, to get the work done. She taught us all that we need to know to get us through this moment. So she’s still blessing us,” he said.

Keith Ellison has been fighting evictions and price gouging during the pandemic.