MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Rain showers and cooler temperatures are moving into the state Tuesday morning.

WCCO Meteorologist Riley O’Connor says scattered showers are expected throughout the day, with heavier rain possible at times. There’s also a possibility of thunder, too.

Meanwhile, temperatures will be in the mid-50s, which is below average for this time. It’ll be accompanied by 10 to 15 mph wind speeds.

“Overall today, the pattern is just going to remain unsettled,” O’Connor said.

Severe weather is only a slight risk for the southeastern part of Minnesota. The main threat is gusty winds and hail for those parts.

By Tuesday afternoon, there’ll be mostly spotty showers, which will begin clearing out in the overnight hours.

After a cloudy, possibly foggy morning, Wednesday should see more sunny conditions in the afternoon. Temperatures are expected to reach the low-60s. Thursday looks even sunnier and warmer.

Watch the full forecast above.

Riley O'Connor