MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Out of the rubble of Thursday night’s riots, that stretched from south Minneapolis to the north-side, comes a sign of hope many have waited days to see.

“Just the community coming together to beautify north Minneapolis has been amazing,” DeVonna Pittman said. “When we first got out here this morning it was devastating, but people showed up and folks came out here in droves, we can see the difference.”

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People from the north-side, members of Sanctuary Church and even folks who just wanted to be a part of something positive, converged on the damage that was left behind from looters to fix and replace what was shattered.

Felicia Perry, executive director, West Broadway Business and Area Coalition made the plea for help.

“I knew the community would come and so what you are seeing is a reflection of the work a lot of us have already been doing when we’ve been looking out for each other, when we’ve been taking care of each other, when we’ve been supporting each others respective work,” Perry said.

While the cleanup was underway, word came down about the arrest of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin in connection with George Floyd’s death.

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“I couldn’t believe it I told people to send me the proof and they sent the proof, and we are just ready to move forward and I believe that is a first step in moving forward,” Pittman said.

Most picking up the pieces believe this arrest will calm the people who left this destruction behind, but they fear if justice is not served, they could be repeating this cleanup process all over again.

“But right now we got to try to recover and still get justice at the same time,” VJ Smith said.

People we spoke with say they do want to see all the former officers involved in Floyd’s death arrested and convicted.

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Until then, they say protests will continue because they believe now, they have the attention of those who can help create change.

Reg Chapman