By Reg Chapman

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The eyes of the world watched as George Floyd was memorialized in three different cities — Minneapolis; Rayford, North Carolina and Houston, Texas.

But it was a funeral chapel from north Minneapolis at the center of it all.

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George Floyd’s family reached out to Estes Funeral Chapel for help in putting together what would be a world-class celebration of life.

For 60 years, Estes Funeral Chapel has been in the business of honoring the wishes of families.

“A funeral services based on love honor and respect of all individuals this is a high profile case, but this is what we do every day,” Tracy Wesley said.

The eyes of a nation were watching as Estes Funeral Chapel honored George Floyd’s life.

“His casket was solid bronze, fourteen gold plated,” Rev. Bruce DeArmon said.

The casket resembled ones Michael Jackson and Aretha Franklin were laid to rest in.

“Delta actually chartered a flight for the family prior too, so we had the opportunity to personally put Mr. Floyd on Delta’s airline with the casket and travel from state to state,” Rev. Bruce DeArmon said.

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Traveling with them, artwork that Estes staff says meant a lot to the Floyd family.

“This family is amazing even in the trauma that they have experienced, they still showing love,” LeShahn DeArmon said.

This team says the emotional charged reaction to George Floyd’s death was the same from town to town.

“All races were there. Everyone was supportive, everyone was there on one accord to honor his life, but you had a sense of the outrage because of why we were there,” Wesley said.

As funeral directors and as Black people, they just want to see something change.

“I was involved in Tycell Nelson who was killed by the police department several years ago. I was involved in Jamar Clark who was killed by police department and so here we are again. You’re sad, you’re angered, frustrated and it’s like why does this continue to keep happening and there and no results and no change?” Wesley said.

Estes Funeral Chapel says Police Chief Medaria Arradondo escorted the body of George Floyd anywhere in the city of Minneapolis.

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He also escorted Floyd’s family when they were in town.

Reg Chapman