MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Minnesota Historical Society (MNHS) has announced layoffs and extended furloughs, along with the reopening of some historical sites.

On Wednesday, MNHS said that 176 furloughed employees have been laid off and 64 have been recalled to work. Also, 136 staff members will get extended furloughs.

The layoffs primarily affected those who work at MNHS historic sites and museums that remain closed.

“These actions will address strains on the MNHS operating budget as a result of ongoing closures. Critical staff will continue to ensure the security of historic sites and resources,” MNHS said in a release.

Meanwhile, MNHS says Split Rock Lighthouse and Jeffers Petroglyphs will be reopening on July 15. Split Rock will be open 7 days a week while Jeffers Petroglyphs will be in operation Thursday through Sunday.

“With the health and safety of guests, staff and the community at the forefront of decision-making, MNHS feels it is safe to reopen Split Rock Lighthouse and Jeffers Petroglyphs because they offer predominately outdoor experiences,” MNHS said.

MNHS will be limiting the number of daily visitors to each site and tickets will go on sale July 8. Tickets can be purchased up to one month in advance online or at 651-259-3015.

“MNHS decisions about its remaining sites will be based on several factors: current state rules for reopening venues, requirements for cleaning, social distancing, and limiting capacity, as well as the financial cost of operating the site,” MNHS said.

The remaining sites will continue to be closed through the June 30 date that was announced in April. More information here.