MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A chance encounter on Father’s day has left two Minnesota families forever connected — a nurse and her new husband heading home on their wedding day, and a mother who rushed to the scene of an accident involving her son. Here’s their story as they told it to WCCO’s Tony Peterson.


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RACHEL TAYLOR: We’ve known each other since 2012.

CALVIN TAYLOR: I popped the question.

RACHEL TAYLOR: And I said yes.

CALVIN TAYLOR: The wedding was still wonderful. It was beautiful.

TAMMY PETERSON: It was Father’s Day. And I think I was in the kitchen with my daughter when she received the phone call from my son’s dad.

CALVIN TAYLOR: We were just heading home. We exited off on the 7th (5th) there. And as I was turning left…

TAMMY PETERSON: I just came to check out the damage on his fender. And as I was turning around…

CALVIN TAYLOR: … we saw the black Chevy Tahoe slide through the intersection and ran into the back of the van.

TAMMY PETERSON: Just like that other accident happened and I was there. I remember her walking up saying, “My name is Rachel, I’m a nurse.”

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RACHEL TAYLOR: I asked her what her name was. And she said, “Tammy.”

TAMMY PETERSON: She kept me calm.

RACHEL TAYLOR: I kind of flashed back to when I was in nursing school and I would help the moms in labor and I got pretty good at talking them through and calming them down. So I was saying a lot of the same things.

TAMMY PETERSON: I get a little teary-eyed looking at the picture and I love her to death for helping me but, just his words to his wife and his blog, reading them I get teary-eyed.

RACHEL TAYLOR: I’m happy that somehow the word got back to me that she was doing OK. I was really I was really worried about her.

TAMMY PETERSON: Thank you so much for stopping and helping and bless her soul and I hope they’re enjoying their honeymoon.

RACHEL TAYLOR: It would have been crazy, even if it wasn’t our wedding day just to witness that.

TAMMY PETERSON: I think she helped save my life even more, you know, just physically and mentally being there at that time. I’m sure they’re meant for each other.


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Peterson is thankful to be alive and hopes to reunite someday with the newlyweds who are in Montana right now, on their honeymoon. If you’d like to help Tammy with her recovery, the family has set up a GoFundMe account.