By Reg Chapman

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The pandemic has taken the sizzle out of many Fourth of July celebrations. But city council members in one town voted unanimously to go ahead with a traditional fireworks display.

Lions Park in Ham Lake will host the city’s 4th of July fireworks display.

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Come dusk on Saturday, families, practicing social distancing of course, will join food and beverage trucks on-site for a fireworks show.

“Everybody likes fireworks, my son is excited for fireworks,” said Kerry Glidden.

Kerry Glidden says she is excited that her hometown is doing what it can to keep folks close to home for the holiday.

“You don’t have to drive up north to go see fireworks or down to Lakeville, you can actually come locally where you live,” Glidden said.

Mayor Mike Van Kirk says the majority of the fireworks are financed through charitable gambling in local bars and restaurants.

He says to cancel the event is like taking revenue away from them, and with city council covering the cost difference, the fireworks are in honor of the businesses that have given so much to Ham Lake in the past.

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“They actually support small businesses and people who have like a truck and stuff like that, ”said Judith Mendez.

Hermanos Locos Tacos not only has a food truck but it has also set up shop inside the Ham Lake BP Gas station.

“All the people buy from local business,” Mendez said.

Judith Mendez says her spot is a popular one for the lunch rush and she believes she and other businesses in town will gain more customers from people dropping by, picking up food and heading to Lion’s Park for fireworks.

“It’s very exciting to see all the fireworks since we have all the cabins, so it’s a bad situation but a good thing in the middle of all this stuff,” Mendez said.

Mayor Van Kirk believes families will social distance and make sure to spend money locally, a win-win for all as we celebrate our Nation’s birthday.

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“Bring your snacks, bring your kids, have a great time with the family,” Glidden added.

Reg Chapman