By David Schuman

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — An Eagan woman battling breast cancer reconnected with an old friend this month in a way that meant more than it might seem.

Lori Moon got a haircut before undergoing a double mastectomy.

“I had COVID hair,” she said. “It was getting really scraggly.”

Nine years ago, she beat the same cancer, having a partial mastectomy performed.

“I’m doing really well,” Moon said. “I’m so lucky, I can’t get over it. I feel really good.”

Before the mid-July surgery, Moon saw a Facebook post about a woman offering salon services.

It was Laura Walker, the owner of Blooming Lotus Salon, and a friend she hadn’t seen in nine years.

“Lori and I go back quite a bit,” Walker said. “Our girls were younger and playing softball together.”

Walker works in a sanitized, private suite, which was perfect for Moon who was uncomfortable going to a salon.

“I felt really safe,” Moon said. “[Laura’s] really fun and I think she did a nice job. It was nice to be able to do something like that.”

Walker says she’s really happy she could help Moon feel better.

She says Walker even offered to wash and style her hair for free after the surgery.

Moon’s husband took care of that, but Moon says Walker has earned a client from now on.

“Sometimes it is a lot more than just a haircut,” Walker said.

Moon will undergo chemotherapy to continue her battle with cancer.

“I’ll probably lose my hair again,” she said. “It’s ok, I’ve got a really nice head.”

Walker takes 15 to 20 minutes before each client arrives to wipe everything down.

The building has also installed an HVAC system that flushes the air to maximize ventilation.

David Schuman