By Kate Raddatz

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — We’re just a day away from finding out the fate for Minnesota schools this Fall. Districts have been getting ready for several scenarios.

The state is considering either in-person, distance learning, or a hybrid model.

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One district is working hand in hand with the teacher’s union to make sure both students and educators have support.

“We’re all waiting for tomorrow,” Dr. Stephanie Burrage Robbinsdale Area Schools Superintendent said.

Doctor Stephanie Burrage will take over as interim superintendent of Robbinsdale Area Schools — during a pandemic and during a time when educators don’t know what school will look like.

“We work together so it is always easier when you function as a team and we do that,” Burrage said.

The district has taken input from both educators and families on how to best serve their 12 thousand students.

Robbinsdale Federation of Teachers President met with representatives for the governor’s office Wednesday morning, along with other metro area educators.

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“We’re having a difficult time imagining how we can safely educate our students in any face to face situation,” Peter Eckhoff, President of the Robbinsdale Federation of Teachers said.

Two surveys that went out to families showed a 30-30-30 split on the options for Fall.

But the district has already started planning in case there is distance learning — purchasing iPads and Chromebooks for students.

“We also really had to make sure we had hot spots for students and families so that they could still engage in the learning process,” Dr. Stephanie Burrage said.

Now the district and educators will wait to hear the decision on schools before meeting again with families to talk about troubleshooting issues with in-person or distance learning.

“How do we meet the needs of our students? Meet the needs of our staff? And do it in a way that doesn’t jeopardize lives?” Eckhoff added.

Governor Walz will announce the school decision at 2 p.m. Thursday.

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We will carry the governor’s announcement live on TV and on CBSN Minnesota.

Kate Raddatz