MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Gov. Tim Walz is facing yet another lawsuit challenging his statewide mask mandate.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported Friday that a group of 16 people, churches and businesses sued Ramsey County on Thursday. The lawsuit argues the mandate is unconstitutional, conflicts with state laws, imposes an undue burden on businesses and exposes people to risk of prosecution by Attorney General Keith Ellison as well as local attorneys.

The Upper Midwest Law Center, a group that describes its goal as limiting governmental and public union overreach, filed the lawsuit on the plaintiffs’ behalf.

Walz already faces a number of other lawsuits challenging the mandate. A group of voters sued him earlier this month in an attempt to block masks at polling sites.

Ellison has said he stands behind Walz’s executive orders, calling them constitutional and a way to protect Minnesotans’ health during the coronavirus pandemic.

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