MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — President Donald Trump falsely claimed Minneapolis was “burning for two weeks” during the George Floyd unrest until the National Guard came in and “it was over.”

In an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity Wednesday, Trump addressed unrest in the country and restoring law and order.

First, Trump said that Kenosha, Wisconsin is a good example of the National Guard quelling unrest.

“That was ready to burn down after three nights,” he said. “We went in with the National Guard and just closed it out. It took, like, so quick.”

Then, he said Minneapolis was another example.

“The problem is, it was burning for two weeks before the National Guard came in, and once the National Guard came in, it was over,” he said.

Trump said it took “45 minutes to one hour” to resolve unrest in Minneapolis once the National Guard deployed.

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George Floyd was killed during an arrest by Minneapolis police on May 25, which sparked protests of police brutality and systematic racism throughout Minneapolis and surrounding cities. On the fourth straight night of massive protests and unrest, Gov. Tim Walz deployed the National Guard on Thursday, May 28. On Saturday, May 30, the National Guard was fully mobilized and aggressively enforced a curfew, leading to a relatively quieter night.

Four former Minneapolis police officers now face charges in George Floyd’s death.