By Reg Chapman

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Minnesotans made sure not to forget the events or the sacrifices made on this day 19 years ago.

Standing on a bridge above I-94, flag-carrying Minnesotans want all who pass by to never forget the events of September 11, 2001.

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“Holding the flag and standing up for America, that’s what this is about,” said Trudy Peterson.

With each passing honk of the horn, the pain associated with the day the United States was attacked decreases. This group hopes when people look up, they see what makes this country special.

“They see patriots who remember what happened that day 19 years ago,” said Carla Boyd.

For 24 hours, people holding flags lines this bridge, they say it’s an honor to be part of this tribute.

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“There is probably a lot of sadness for families that have lost members. This is our way of letting them know we’re there for them, and we’re not going to forget them, and all the people that lost their lives,” said Boyd.

But there was also a spirit of nostalgia of what this country was like 19 years ago.

“Honoring our country, our responders, our people, it’s just to come together. We have to remember what it was like,” said Lisa, another volunteer.

These patriots say they remember how tragedy forced us to come together as Americans. How it sparked many to join the military to help protect our freedoms. They believe it’s their duty on this day to help us all to never forget.

“We need to remember we are a country together, this is togetherness, and we did come together. People just have to remember that we shouldn’t let all this stuff divide us, it’s about being one country together and working together,” said Lisa

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The volunteers will stay out until midnight. They have done this every year since 2001.

Reg Chapman