MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A court has closed a Wabasha County gym that was refusing to temporarily close its operations as required by Gov. Tim Walz’s COVID-19 restrictions.

On Wednesday, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison’s office announced that the Wabasha County District Court issued a temporary injunction that will close Plainview Wellness Center in Plainview, Minnesota.

Ellison’s office filed a lawsuit and a motion for temporary restraining order and temporary injunction last Wednesday in an effort to prohibit the gym from remaining open, saying the gym put the community at risk by continuing to operate.

The court ordered Plainview Wellness Center to close through Dec. 18, which is currently the scheduled end of the “dial-back” on high risk activities, mandated by the governor’s Executive Order 20-99.

“I’m glad the court recognized the seriousness of the pandemic and the firm legal foundation of the State’s efforts to halt the spread of it,” Ellison said Wednesday. “Stopping the spread of COVID-19 is everyone’s responsibility. I thank the vast majority of Minnesota businesses that have complied with executive orders and done their part to stop it, and it’s my hope that all businesses will understand their responsibility to comply. I recognize the sacrifice that most businesses have made: they deserve assistance, not unfair competition.”

According to Ellison, his office reached out to the fitness center to educate its management of the requirements of the executive order. However, in response, management threatened to continue to operate and stay open to the public in violation of the order’s requirements, Ellison’s office said.

Ellison’s office says this is the first enforcement action it has brought under Executive Order 20-99. It’s the third enforcement action the State has needed to bring since the pandemic began.

Plainview is located in southeastern Minnesota.