MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A plan to cut funding and officers from the Minneapolis Police Department had hundreds reacting Wednesday night.

More than 400 people signed up to speak during the Minneapolis City Council meeting. Killings in the city have risen 77% in 2020, with 78 compared to last year’s 44.

Some think the plan proposed by a few city council members will make things worse, and others want to take it a step further.

Susie, who only wanted to use her first name, was carjacked and beaten in broad daylight in October. She shared her terrifying attack, and what she wants for the future in Minneapolis.

“I just continue to believe that I have to share my story … It has to be used for good,” Susie said. “We need a fully-funded, fully-staffed police force.”

Three city council members proposed cutting $8 million from the police budget to reallocate it to create unarmed response teams for non-emergencies, among other changes.

The groups behind what’s called the “People’s Budget” say they want safety for all, and they propose redirecting $53 million from the police budget. Sheila Nezhad is with the group Reclaim the Block.

“We’re talking about needing to restore a balance,” Nezhad said. “It’s about a holistic vision for safety and wellness in Minneapolis that looks at prevention, putting health first, prioritizing people over profit.”

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But mom Carrie Heinrich says that could be catastrophic. Her 13-year-old son Calvin plays on a traveling football team that practices in north Minneapolis. His team was there in June when bullets started flying and they had to hit the ground.

“It was out of control. My child’s life was at risk,” Carrie Heinrich said.

She emphasizes the violence has consequences.

“Not in just people getting hurt, people getting killed, but there’s also consequences of people’s mental health,” Heinrich said.

Calvin says that day stays with him. He’s had trouble sleeping and experiences nightmares.

“I think that kids should not be experiencing this kind of violence at a very young age,” Calvin Heinrich said.

People can provide written comment to councilcomment@minneapolismn.gov. The third and final hearing is on Dec. 9.

Jennifer Mayerle