MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – You may know her as the TikTok Doc – Dr. Rose Marie Leslie!

Dr. Leslie is the Chief Family Medicine Resident at the University of Minnesota Medical School. TikTok just released its “Top 100” list, and Dr. Leslie was named the number one most impactful content creator on the entire platform.

Leslie’s videos are simple, but they reach millions of young people by answering those questions that no one really wants to ask.

“It’s super engaging and it’s also giving people information in a space where they spend a lot of their time,” said Leslie.”I film all over the place. Usually at home or sometimes in an office when I have a moment.”

Finding “a moment” can be tough for the University of Minnesota medical resident who works up to 80 hours a week fighting the pandemic.

“It’s really hard working during a pandemic, seeing people coming in who are young and who are alone, who don’t have the physical support from their family members,” she said.

But her work in the hospital and online is not going unnoticed. She doesn’t necessarily do it for the attention. She does it to teach, to fight misinformation, and to spread the facts that could help stop the spread of the virus.


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“I’ve had somebody reach out and say hey, I made sure to wear a mask because I learned about it on your videos,” said Leslie. “Hearing people say those things gives me inspiration to keep making the content that I do and keep working as hard as we all do in the hospital.”

Leslie also makes content for her 850,000 followers about mental health, doctors appointments, and some fun stuff like gardening, which is one of her passions.

You can find Leslie on TikTok here.


Erin Hassanzadeh