By Jeff Wagner

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Neighbors are determined to stop a destructive vandal from targeting an elderly woman’s home on the city’s south side. The home along Cedar Avenue has been hit nine times since March with the most attacks on Sunday night. The home was also hit on Thanksgiving morning.

“There’s just no rhyme or reason for it,” said Sean Mosley, son of 89-year-old Frances Mosely, who owns the house. “At this point I’m just furious and tired.”

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The frightening sound of windows being smashed with a hammer has shattered Frances Mosley’s sense of security and safety for months. Some windows were repaired, only to be broken again. Now some windows just left boarded up.

“Nobody expects in their golden years to have to go through this over and over again over again,” Sean Mosley said.

Security cameras now adorn all viewpoints around the house. The recent footage shows one person approaching the house and returning to a car on the passenger side, leading Mosely to believe two people are behind the damage. He estimates it’s cost them more than $6,000 so far.

“I just can’t even find the words to describe this person. I would just like to really get my hands on him. Because this is just unbelievable,” he said.

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It’s unclear why Frances Mosley is being targeted. Her son said police told him it’s possibly a vendetta or racially motivated.

“Something along those lines but there is no justification for it,” he said. “He’s empowered. he feels like nobody’s doing anything to stop him.”

That’s starting to change. People gathered for a Neighborhood Watch meeting Monday evening to discuss the attacks and coordinate how to patrol the area. Sean Mosley is grateful for their effort.

“It just shows the strength and character of the people in this neighborhood that they’re committed to trying to stop these acts,” he said.

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Police are investigating the crimes. Sean Mosely has given them surveillance video showing the suspect and getaway car. He hopes police give the Neighborhood Watch team insight on what to do if they end up catching the vandals in the act.

Jeff Wagner