MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Minnesota State Troopers are known for making rescues, but this one was different. In fact, it was a rescue that didn’t seem possible.

The first two years of Strider’s life were spent on a South Dakota reservation, living off the land; now he lives with the Norgaards in Richfield.

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“He’s a wonderful family dog, he’s loving and wonderful with our kids, he just likes to get out there and run,” said Courtney Norgaard.

He likes to run so much they had to install a coyote device to try and keep him in the yard.

But it didn’t work.

As traffic camera shows, Strider hit his stride getting onto Highway 62 Monday; he ran for a mile and a half. Two good samaritans tried to stop him and someone called 911.

Trooper Eric Fairchild of Minnesota State Patrol answered the call.

“I saw a couple of cars blocking the on ramp to Xerxes and I saw Strider behind the guardrail on the right side,” he said.

Thankfully Fairchild has a dog. “I walked up with my hand spread out like I was going to go up and pet him a hug and call him a good dog and he just sat down,” he said.

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As the video shows, the trooper was able to rescue the runner. It was a first; he says any animal that makes it onto the highway typically doesn’t make it home alive.

Strider’s Mom wanted to officially thank the trooper – personally or virtually – so WCCO introduced them over Zoom.

“We just want to say thank you so much,” said Norgaard.

“It’s always hard when you answer these calls and normally it doesn’t end well, to have him reunited with his family turned out great,” said Fairchild.

A for Strider, Courtney said, “Oh, zero remorse, he is not sorry at all.” He may be soon: after COVID, he’s starting obedience classes.

Strider’s family says they would also like to thank the good samaritans who stopped to help wrangle Strider and they say they are glad everyone is safe.


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