By Marielle Mohs

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — We’re finally above zero in the forecast, which to anyone else in the country is still cold. However, for Minnesotans it means it’s time to enjoy winter again.

Even in the steady snow fall all day Wednesday, WCCO found several Minnesotans already out enjoying more “pleasant” temperatures.

Jane Johnson was at Minnewashta Regional Park with her two dogs Wednesday morning. She tries to get to the popular dog park daily, but lately it’s been too cold.

“The only thing I worry about are their paws — when they start showing signs of cold on their paws — but they’re pretty tough,” said Johnson, “I have my limits, like 5 [degrees] is good and below 5, I have to think about it.”

This week that cold burst finally broke. Even though there was still a heavy snow fall on Wednesday, it was the least of Annie Chesterfield’s worries on her walk.

“It felt great to be outside again, walking with my dog who, I think, was even happier than me,” said Chesterfield.

Temperatures are going to keep climbing all week, hopefully reaching double digits, even above freezing, by the weekend. While some may argue that still cold, it can make a big difference with the wind chill.

“It just doesn’t feel bitter, it’s not piercing your skin. It’s still cold but it feels great,” said Chesterfield.

More warmth, means less layers.

“[On Tuesday] I overdressed! It’s 8 degrees and I’m too warm,” said Johnson. “I’m just so happy that the minus 17 temperatures are behind us.”

Several outdoor rinks throughout the Twin Cities, including Centennial Lakes in Edina, closed down last weekend due to how cold it was, but now those rinks are back open and will likely be a popular spot this weekend when temperatures hit the 30s.

Marielle Mohs