MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – One adult and two children were killed in an early morning crash in Maple Grove.

Maple Grove Police says the single-car crash took place at the intersection of Lawndale Lane and Dunkirk Lane shortly before 7 a.m. Officials say the car left the street and hit a tree.

The driver was a 25-year-old female who was declared deceased at the scene. A 2-year-old male and a 3-year-old female were both transported by ambulance to a hospital where they later died.

The only survivor of the crash is a 23-year-old male who was transported by ambulance and is currently hospitalized with what is reported to be non-life-threatening injuries.

Steve and Val Miller live near the crash site.

“I was at home and I heard a lot of sirens, fire trucks,” said Steve Miller, so the couple took a walk outside to see the wreckage nearby.

“There’s just nothing left of the car, nothing,” said Val Miller, who grew emotional thinking of the two toddlers who died in this crash, “As a mother and a grandmother…it’s heartbreaking, heartbreaking.”

Maple Grove Police used pink spray paint to mark the path the car took before the crash. It shows the car went over the median and then two lanes of traffic going the other way and ended up hitting a tree where the bark is missing. The impact was so powerful the car was cut in half.

From their initial investigation, police believe the woman behind the vehicle was speeding.

“It’s 4 lanes with a divider, the speed limit is 45, but usually people are going a little bit faster just because it’s a ways between stoplights,” said Steve Miller.

As many families were on their morning walks along Dunkirk Lane, the shell of what’s left of the car was a haunting reminder of the tragedy.

“Just concerned it could be someone we know, and of course Maple Grove is a wonderful community and it’s sad to see anybody have something like this happen to them,” said Val Miller.

Credit: CBS

The crash is under investigation.

Marielle Mohs