By Reg Chapman

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Lake Street outside the Midtown Global Market is quiet, but on the inside, soulful sounds fill the air as a new business is bringing people out for a taste of down-home comfort food.

“We do everything here with love, we put the love and you feel the soul,” said Anthony Simmons.

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Simmons, Charles Robinson, and Jewuan Marshall are partners in Soul to Soul Smokehouse. The menu features smoked meats from brisket to chicken, turkey, pork and beef ribs, all made from scratch by three self-confessed foodies.

“We got over 60 years of cooking experience between the three of us. There’s a lot of grandmother’s recipes, auntie’s recipes, momma recipes and we want to share it with the world,” Simmons said.

The Neighborhood Development Center helped these new business owners make their dream a reality.

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“This is the right time just with everything going on and it is the right time, we are ready for this, the market is ready for this, Lake Street is ready for this,” said Natalia Hals.

Ready to see business return to this once-thriving corridor in the city.

Soul to Soul Smokehouse is one of three new businesses that have opened since January 2021. Arepa Bar featuring food from Venezuela and the Oasis Market and Deli are giving hope to many that Lake Street and all its diverse eateries will continue to be a part of the landscape.

“Whether it’s doing this or something else, whatever your dream is it’s not good when it’s in your head. It needs action, put action behind, and don’t give up and you’ll succeed,” Simmons said.

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The Neighborhood Development Center is working to make the dreams of other entrepreneurs come true. Another new business is slated to open inside the Midtown Global Market in the next couple of months.

Reg Chapman