By WCCO-TV Staff

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Minnesota Legislature has passed a measure known as “Johnny’s Law,” which aims to ensure people with disabilities will not be discriminated against when seeking organ transplants.

The bill is named for Jonny Hillyer, a boy with Down syndrome whose mother fought for its passage.

“My son Jonny is loving, intelligent, and capable. I am glad to know, should he ever need an organ transplant, no one can deny him because he has an extra chromosome,” Erica Hillyer said in a statement.

The bill also “prohibits health plans from denying insurance coverage for transplant-related care based on a disability,” according to the Down Syndrome Association of Minnesota.

“Today Minnesota took an important step by ensuring those with disabilities have equal access to this crucial lifesaving care,” DSAMN Executive Director Sarah Curfman said. “Now, Minnesotans with disabilities have the same opportunity and access as others.”

Last month, WCCO profiled a Wisconsin family fighting for similar legislation in that state.

Seventeen other states have so far passed similar bills.