MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Four months ago a gunman opened fire inside an Allina clinic in Buffalo. Medical assistant Lindsay Overbay died from her injuries. Four others survived the February attack, but were left with lasting injuries.

Nurse Sherry Curtis spent 10 days in the hospital before continuing her recovery at home. Only on WCCO: Jennifer Mayerle spoke with her about what she remembers, and her will to live.

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“It started out as a normal day,” Curtis said.

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Sherry was at her desk inside the Allina Clinic in Buffalo making phone calls when she heard what sounded like gunshots.

“I was still trying to figure out what exactly was going on, where everyone was and I headed up a hallway and then there was a noise behind me, and then it was like, that was it,” Curtis said.

The nurse of nearly 30 years had been shot six times: twice in the back, in the side, and three times in her left arm.

“That’s all I kept repeating, was ‘I don’t want to die.’ I couldn’t, there’s too much to live for,” Curtis said.

A patient at the clinic used her jacket to make a tourniquet for her arm. Curtis was transported to the Buffalo hospital, then air-lifted to North Memorial, where she’d undergo surgery to stop the bleeding.

“I had a lot of internal organs that were hit,” Curtis said.

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Doctors would save her arm.

“The bone is still healing. I still have a lot of numbness all the way up my arm, and into my hand,” Curtis said.

Sherry Curtis focuses on making progress with her husband Roger, and dog Zhiva, by her side.

“Our love has grown tenfold since this. I don’t want her to ever feel that fear again that she felt that day,” Roger Curtis said.

“I tried to keep a positive attitude through it all because I ain’t going to let nobody take me down like this,” Sherry Curtis said.

But that February day still haunts her. It’s hard for Sherry to go out in public for fear of what could happen.

“PTSD is a hard thing. The visions, the flashbacks, the memories of that day and everything that we’ve been through. That needs to heal also,” Curtis said.

Prayers and the support of family, friends and strangers continue to carry her along. It’s the good she chooses to see during her recovery.

“It’s part of what I’ve been though, part of me and my life, and I’m still able to say that I’m here,” Curtis said.

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Gregory Ulrich has confessed to the shooting. He’s charged with second-degree murder, attempted murder, and setting off explosive devices.

Jennifer Mayerle