MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Most years, only residents of Minneapolis would pay attention to City Council races.

But ever since a veto-proof majority of the council started a “defund the police” movement last June, their stand on policing has been the subject of debate throughout the state and even the country.

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At the DFL endorsing convention this week, three council members who support defunding the police got the DFL endorsement (Phillipe Cunningham, Andrea Jenkins, Andrew Johnson), but three others who were among the most vocal defund supporters — Jeremiah Ellison, Steve Fletcher, and Jeremy Schroeder — did not.

Former Minneapolis City Council member, peace activist and north Minneapolis Pastor Brian Herron thinks the no endorsements are significant.

“It’s an indicator that maybe they did not listen to their constituency,” he said. “The issue of defunding the police, which a lot of people blame that for the escalation of violence.”

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Political analyst and professor David Schulz says it’s a sign that a red hot nationwide movement that began in Minneapolis shows signs of fizzling as gun violence has soared here and across the country.

“This is a pretty significant blow for people who think that the city is lurching towards a significant defunding of police movement,” he said.

Council member Steve Fletcher sees it differently. On his Twitter feed he points out he did get 55% of DFL delegate votes, something he says is still a win. Sixty percent is needed for the endorsement.

Of course, winning the DFL endorsement does not guarantee a victory, although it often leads to that. The endorsement does mean a whole lot of money for the campaign for phone calls, door knocking and flyers.

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The Minneapolis DFL convention continues, with voting going on Thursday evening to endorse a mayoral candidate. The elections are in November.

Esme Murphy