By WCCO-TV Staff

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Due to the dry weather and drought conditions the last few weeks, the Metropolitan Mosquito Control District is reporting they’ve seen fewer mosquitos this year around the Twin Cities.

Compared to the last 10 years, when the average number of mosquitos caught in CO2 traps around the metro is above 500 for mid-June, this year, the number is just below 200.

Mosquito Control credits the lack of rain, which means floodwater mosquito eggs are not covered in water and are thus not able to hatch.

However, there are still Culex mosquitos emerging from stormwater basins and other man-made structures. Culex mosquitos are potential vectors of West Nile Virus, but Mosquito Control says they have not detected any West Nile Virus-positive mosquitos so far this year.