By WCCO-TV Staff

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The rain just kept pouring in parts of Minnesota and Western Wisconsin Wednesday night.

While rain was the main factor in most of the storms, the more severe weather moved south. A tornado moved through the city of Jewell in Iowa, while another tornado knocked down trees and took out the power about an hour away in Lake City.

The north to northwest corner of the metro got the biggest drink of the day, with at least 2 inches of rainfall reported — and both Ramsey and Maple Grove got more than 3 inches.

When there’s no drought, grass needs at least an inch a week to keep from burning, so Wednesday’s storm offered a decent amount of relief. It won’t reverse the drought by any means, but it might have slowed it down for at least for a day or so.

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We’re now entering not only another dry stretch, but a particularly hot one that could see temperatures spike back into the 90s. It’s also possible we won’t see another drop of rain for more than a week.