By Reg Chapman

BROOKYLN PARK, Minn. (WCCO) — An arrest has been made in an attack that claimed the life of a Brooklyn Park man.

Twenty-five-year-old Awwal Ladipo died after he was punched and hit his head on the ground outside a northside Minneapolis night spot a week ago.

The arrest is an answer to his family’s prayers.

“All we need is justice for our son, that is all we need,” said Atdebayo Ladipo.

Awwal Ladipo’s father, mother, brother, sister and wife have been praying for justice ever since they got the call that he was injured in a fight.

“Even in death, Awwal is a large person,” said Antinuke Ladipo.

Awwal died two days after the attack.

Family members knew something was not right with the story Awwal’s friends were telling them about what happened.

“This guy came from nowhere and just knock him out and he hit his head on the floor and he passed out. And they didn’t know what to do,” Antinuke Ladipo said. “They went and get ice, trying to wake him up. And when they couldn’t wake him up that’s when they brought him to the hospital. And I was like, ‘Why didn’t you call 911?'”

Family learned more when video of the attack spread on social media.

“First we thought it was just one person, then it became two, it became three,” Antinuke Ladipo said. “We didn’t even break the news, the social media broke the news to everybody.”

One week later, this family is able to share the news that someone was arrested and may be held responsible for the death of their son.

“We are Christian. We want to forgive, but we want somebody to come forward. We want somebody to be accountable for what they did,” Antinuke Ladipo said.

They are waiting on word from investigators about what led up to the punch that claimed Awwal’s life.

“This needs to stop among our youth,” Antinuke Ladipo said.

A man is being held in the Hennepin County Jail on suspicion of probable cause murder. Charges from the Hennepin County attorney are expected within the next day or so.

WCCO-TV does not typically name people arrested until they are formally charged with a crime.

Reg Chapman