By Liz Collin

MONTICELLO, Minn. (WCCO) — The story of a Monticello boy donating his pumpkin money touched many hearts across Minnesota.

Last month, WCCO shared how little Emmett grows his own pumpkins every year, only to give away the proceeds. As we found, his family has been overwhelmed at what’s happened since.

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It’s another busy morning on this small farm northeast of Monticello.

But when you’re Emmett Cox, and you have a pumpkin patch to run, there’s always plenty of work that goes along with it.

“I’m just blown away,” Emmett’s mom, Anna Cox, said.

She has been amazed at the reaction to the mission her 5-year-old set off on last year: donating all of the money from his pumpkin sales to a worthy cause he chose.

“The thing I hear the most is: We just needed this right now,” Cox said.

Messages have poured in. She read a few of them to us.

“Way to go, Emmet. So proud of your kind heart,” one person wrote.

“Wow! A truly amazing kid,” another wrote.

“Emmett, I saw your story, and it really touched me so much so I just had to give,” yet another wrote.

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More money came, too. Emmett had raised about $100 from his pumpkins sales. After WCCO-TV’s story, that total grew to $532.

Donations from all ages. From friends and strangers. Even a local horse trainer who wanted to give.

Emmett gave all of the money to his church, Faith Lutheran of Monticello, last weekend to go toward a new playground.

“I’m touched he was able to impact people and make them want to be a better person too,” his mom said.

Emmett wanted to be to share his appreciation for the support.

“Thank you,” he said, adding: “I wish I could give you a hug.”

Before long he’s off yet again on another chore, as around here seed money seems to pay off.

“I’m really proud of him. We all are,” his mom said.

Emmett says isn’t sure just yet where he will donate his money next year.

He’s already planning to grow even more pumpkins in different colors to give his customers more options to pick from.

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Liz Collin