Originally published on Nov. 19, 2021By Ren Clayton

MINNEPOLS (WCCO) — A community is in mourning after Randall Smith, the manager at All Square restaurant, was killed in a shooting Wednesday night. The shooting happened in the area of 7th Street between 12th and 13th Avenues.

Smith and his restaurant were featured on NBC’s “The Today Show” just a couple of weeks ago. All Square is a nonprofit civil rights enterprise that gives people who have been released from prison a second chance.

“What we have experienced is an extraordinary and tragic loss,” said Elizer Darris of the Minnesota Freedom Fund.

Community members held a vigil Friday night in his honor.

“Just still processing the loss of someone that I had a meeting with on my calendar today,” said Kevin Reese of Until We All Are Free.

Smith was a graduate of the All Square Fellow Fund for formerly incarcerated leaders in the area. His resume is long, working as a civil advocate and community organizer.

“He was truly committed to liberating those from oppressive forces, the oppressive forces that he felt throughout the duration of his life,” said social worker Jamil Stamschror-Lott. “So he was always giving, always committed, always working hard until his final day.”

“The taking of his life is deeply felt within the activist community, within the organizing community, within the NFL community,” said Darris.

Smith became friends with Vikings linebacker Eric Kendricks after the team made multiple large contributions to All Square, where Smith worked. All Square is a craft grilled cheese restaurant on Minnehaha Avenue.

“We’re building something really beautiful,” said All Square founder and CEO Emily Hunt-Turner. “And he’s been an absolutely instrumental piece of that. And I think we’re just honestly trying to figure out how to do this.”

All Square will stay closed until further notice as those closest to Randall Smith still process his death.

“We will see to it that our brothers spirit and his life will remain a part of this community, a part of our community,” said Reese.

Smith’s death is still under investigation. Authorities asks anyone with information to call Minneapolis police. For more information on the memorial service for Smith, click here.

Ren Clayton