MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A melting tubing hill at Theodore Wirth, and the fading of snow at North Commons Park meant, for some Minnesotans, the re-emergence of shorts.

Trell Young of North Minneapolis enjoyed the mild temperatures.

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“I would describe it like it’s the end of spring,” he said.

But it’s not. Semira White sat in the park with Young and other friends.

“It’s the 15th. Usually there would be more snow, it would be at least 10 inches. Let’s enjoy this, ain’t nobody want to be outside when it’s extra cold,” White said.

These friends are enjoying an unexpected day in the park. Myanah Jones called it “hoodie weather.”

“Usually my hands would hurt this or that. My hands feel normal,” Jones said. “Don’t tell me I am the only one.”

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She’s not. It seems everyone is processing the mild moment.

Drew Campbell, who was piecing together a snowman, told WCCO, “It’s so warm, I can’t believe it.”

The green grass is what some hoping for, while others prefer the white snow that happens to be extra packable. And even though the warmth is withering, the feelings are strong.

“Feels good feels great, nice fresh air, I like today,” Young said.

There was a caveat to enjoying that warmth. Young told me he does want snow to comeback before Christmas, because that’s just “the way it’s supposed to be.”

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Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield