By Adam Duxter

ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — Hundreds made the trek to the Minnesota State Fairgrounds Sunday in search of the perfect find.

The Antique Spectacular is one of the largest antique events in the state each year, and this year’s event brought in with it more than 100 vendors.

“Dealers come from all over the country,” said show manager Lonny Piche. “It’s good. You see a lot of your old friends come. These people that do my show are my friends.”

(credit: CBS)

The event featured items for sale ranging from toys to art and furniture.

“It’s history on these tables. It’s history,” said Kevin Holmgren, a vendor at this weekend’s event. “A lot of people walk through, and they say, ‘Oh my grandpa used to have one of them.’ They pick it up, and they remember their grandpa had one of them.”

“The thrill of the hunt has always kept me right on the pulse of the market,” Holmgren said. “And it’s really fun when you find something that’s priced a little cheaper or it has good provenance, and you can tie the provenance to a family, or end up feeding your family at the same time.”

Adam Duxter