Ayanna Mackins And Ryan Kehoe Call 'The Challenge: All Stars': 'Hands Down, The Best Challenge'Ayanna Mackins and Ryan Kehoe discus 'The Challenge: All Stars' season two coming to Paramount+ on November 11th.
ICU Nurse: Many Patients Still Don't Believe COVID Is Real, Blame Hospital For Illness: 'They're Calling You A Murderer'“It's hard though, when you know that you're doing good for the patients, but they're yelling at you. They're telling you it's not real. They're telling you that you're a murderer."
Mike Tyson Credits Psychedelic Compound Psilocybin For Turning His Life Around: 'Helps Me Reach Highest Potential'Tyson says he began using psilocybin about five years ago, telling CBS Miami with pure joy that it’s changed his life for the better, forever. “That’s psychedelics, baby! That’s the toad, baby. That’s some shrooms, baby,” he exclaims.
Caught On Camera: Teen Girl Sucker-Punched On Basketball Court During Club Game, Provoked By Mom?Alice Ham told CBSLA Reporter Laurie Perez that parents who were at the game heard the mother of the girl who threw the punch yell, "go and hit her." 
TikTok Hand Signal Led To Girl's Rescue From Alleged Kidnapper. Now Police Want More AwarenessPeople are using a non-verbal hand gesture that says “I need help” to alert friends, family and even law enforcement of a violent situation without alerting their abusers.
San Francisco Suburb Of Atherton Remains Nation's Most Expensive Zip Code; Median Home Sale Price At $7,475,000For a fifth straight year, Atherton remains the nation's most expensive zip code with median home sale prices at a record $7.475 million, according to PropertyShark's annual survey.
Ella Purnell On SHOWTIME's 'Yellowjackets': 'Going To Be Dark, Going To Be Twisted'Ella Purnell discusses 'Yellowjackets,' coming to SHOWTIME on Sunday, November 14th at 10:00PM.
Christina Ricci On SHOWTIME's 'Yellowjackets': 'I Like The Idea That These Women Aren't Likable Or Good People'Christina Ricci discusses 'Yellowjackets,' coming to SHOWTIME on Sunday, November 14th at 10:00PM.
'Find The Killers': Jasper Wu's Mother Makes Desperate Plea After Toddler Killed By Stray Bullet On HighwayA GoFundMe campaign has been set up to help the family. As of Tuesday morning, more than $72,000 has been raised.
Kyle Rittenhouse Trial: Prosecutors Rest Their Case; Will Rittenhouse Take The Stand?Kenosha County prosecutors rested their case in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial on Tuesday afternoon, after more than five days of testimony.
'Felt A Little Off': Man Recalls Moving From Front Of Stage With 9-Year-Old Son At Travis Scott Astroworld Concert“You didn’t have time to digest what was going on. I didn’t think that we were in a place where people were losing their lives and desperate to get out.”
Switched Before Birth: Couple Files Lawsuit Over Devastating IVF Mishap; 'It Was Truly My Hell'“I have so many mixed emotions of carrying my birth daughter inside my body. Every time I felt a kick or spoke to her, it was someone else's baby.”
Police: Father Stabs Teen Son In The Back After Argument Over ChoresInvestigators say the incident began with a disagreement between dad and son over helping around the house.
Missing Limbs Not Stopping Kids From Participating In Sports, Learning Life SkillsNubability is a national organization that holds sports camps in 14 states, including Texas.
'The Worst I've Seen': Community Shocked After Toddler Killed In Gun Battle Between Cars On HighwayJasper Wu lost his life to senseless violence just shy of his second birthday.