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Delta Halts Some Routes To, From MSP Airport Over Coronavirus ConcernsDelta is reducing and cancelling some routes for the next few months because of the coronavirus.
Minnesota Institutions Prepare For Coronavirus ArrivalPreparations are underway to get Minnesota ready for coronavirus.
Wisconsin Teacher In South Korea Amid Coronavirus Outbreak Calls Scene 'Eerie'Oshkosh, Wisconsin native Peter Lenz is teaching English in Daegu right now. Many schools, including his, cancelled classes until March 9.
The Questions To Ask And The Plans To Make As Coronavirus Cases MultiplyFrom your children's school, to your place of work, to your own home, the virus has the potential to interrupt everyday lives in some way. And having a plan is what health experts want people to create.
What Do Travelers Need To Know Before Taking Trips In The Midst Of The Coronavirus Outbreak?While the spring breaks of Americans likely won’t include any travel to China, the coronavirus has now spread to at least 30 countries, including the United States.
Wolverine To Pay $113M In Polluted Drinking Water Suit Over Use Of 3M ChemicalsA footwear maker's cost to resolve a lawsuit over contaminated drinking water in western Michigan is $113 million, but it will be less due to a $55 million payment from chemical giant 3M.
5.7 Million Contigo Kids Water Bottles Recalled Due To Choking HazardThere's an urgent recall on nearly 6 million children's water bottles.
'Just Be Brave': Sisters Who Survived Heart Transplants Offer Advice To Others On Transplant JourneyTwo sisters say they are grateful for the unique, life-saving bond they share.
Minn. AG Ellison Unveils Task Force That Takes Aim At Prescription Drug PricesMinnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison unveiled a task force report Wednesday that makes 14 separate recommendations for lowering prescription drug prices ranging from new legislation to stronger enforcement action.
State Capitol's 'Doctors' Caucus' Unveils 3 Bills To Address Health Care CostsOne of the bills would create a pharmacy commission to investigate drug pricing. The second would provide tax breaks to people whose premiums exceed 10% of their income. The third would require insurance companies to cover four mental health visits per patient per year.
How Much Caffeine Is Too Much?Health experts say you are OK with caffeine up to about 400 milligrams. That's 10 cans of soda, or two 16-ounce cups of coffee, or two-and-a-half cans of energy drink.
House Democrats Again Push For Paid Family Leave For All Working MinnesotansDemocrats have pointed out that President Donald Trump has repeatedly mentioned paid family leave as a priority, and federal workers under his administration have gotten paid leave.