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What Causes Laryngitis?It's the time of year when the flu and common cold start to ramp up. Hennepin Healthcare is seeing an uptick in patients who've lost their voices. So what causes laryngitis? Good Question.
Officials: Multistate Hepatitis A Cases Traced To BlackberriesFederal authorities are warning consumers in 11 states against eating blackberries bought from Fresh Thyme stores.
Is It Really Unhealthy To Eat After 7 P.M.?Families rushing from work and school to games and band concerts can find it hard to sit down for dinner. Sometimes that means eating dinner later at night. But is it really unhealthy to eat after 7 p.m.?
A.G. Keith Ellison: Agreement Will Help Districts Afford School MilkMinnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison says his office has reached an agreement to help more than 40 school districts afford to buy milk for students through 2030.
New Treatment At 'U' Offers Hope For Those Suffering Alopecia Hair LossFrom 65% to 75% of patients see success with this treatment, as seen at the University of Minnesota and at Columbia.
‘RSV’ Dangers: MN Health Officials Warn Parents Of Illness With Cold-Like SymptomsAs the holidays approach, doctors are warning parents to be on the lookout for a potentially life-threatening illness that's not the flu or a cold.
Kitten That Bit 3 People In Northern Minnesota Tested Positive For RabiesHealth officials say a kitten that bit three people in northern Minnesota tested positive for rabies.
'It Is A Public Health Concern': Minneapolis Installs Used Needle Disposal Boxes In Pilot ProgramMinneapolis’s health department is doing something about the city’s needle problem.
Tips For Simplifying Your Skin Care RoutinePeople who want to protect their skin during the harsh winter weather have more options than ever before. Enough options that, according to dermatology physician assistants Brooke Moss and Lauren Sundick, shoppers might spend more money than necessary.
Should We Be Concerned About All The Germs On Our Phones?They're in our hands all the time while we're at work, on the go, even in the bathroom. Studies show our cellphones are 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat. But what does that actually mean?
'It Was A Life-Or-Death Situation': Brooklyn Park Man Speaks Out After Vaping-Related HospitalizationA Brooklyn Park man was hospitalized for 19 days this fall because of a vaping illness. He shares his experience with WCCO's Mary McGuire.
Driving While High: Could Minnesota Get Burned By Recreational Marijuana?If Minnesota's governor gets his way, state lawmakers will legalize marijuana next year. How could that impact our safety on the roads? WCCO traveled to Colorado to see firsthand the impact of driving while high.